Is Your Water Heater Under Warranty?

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Water Heater Warranty Information

Your hot water heater serial number is full of useful information that may come in handy if you ever need to call a plumber.

Did you know that if your water heater has a valid warranty, you may not need to pay for repair labour or repair parts? If your water heater leaks when it is under warranty, you will also receive your replacement water heater at no cost, however you will need to pay for the labour, warranty paper work, and a gas permit (if applicable).

How do I know if my water heater is under warranty?

The first step is to locate your water heater serial number. This is usually contained in a rectangular sticker located under the brand name. The hot water heater serial number will be next to where it says “serial no.,” “serial,” or “ser.”

Now you know how to locate your serial number. To find out if your hot water heater is under warranty, you can call or visit the manufacturer website to check your water heater warranty status.

Bradford White: Visit

John Wood: Visit
*Tip: If you don’t know when your John Wood water heater was installed, click “Use manufacture date +30 days.” If your serial number comes back as invalid, check that you entered it correctly, and if it is correct, remove the first letter from your serial number to check your warranty expiration.

Rheem: Visit and click on “Verify Your Warranty.”

How long is my water heater warranty?

You will be able to check your warranty length when you validate it online. Most owner’s manuals will state how long your warranty is for. If you water heater was installed by Water Heater Rescue, we place a sticker on your tank that contains this information too.

Most tanks manufactured before 2016 will have an 8 Year Tank Warranty and a 6 Years Parts Warranty. Most tanks manufactured after 2017 will have a 6 Years Tank Warranty and a 6 Years Parts Warranty. If you purchased an extended warranty for your water heater, this information should be tied to your water heater serial number and show up in online validators, but in some cases this warranty is held privately by the installation company.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Call a service plumber or your water heater manufacturer, who will point you in the direction of a water heater repair company. Reputable water heater plumbers will check your hot water tank warranty when you make a service call to see if you have an active parts or tank warranty. If your tank is under 8 years old, we recommend to ask your plumber to check if your water heater is under warranty before they arrive for the service call. They will be impressed when you have the serial number ready!

If your water heater is in need of repair or replacement, it is beneficial to check the warranty status as not all plumbing companies will suggest to do this. Checking your warranty can lead to huge savings on plumbing repairs, and all serial numbers can be validated.

Do you have questions about your water heater warranty that wasn’t covered in this blog? Give us a call at 604-533-2583  today!


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