Hot Water Heater / Tank Repair and Replacement

We supply & install all sizes of Gas and Electric Hot water tanks. Pricing includes removal and disposal of your old tank! Call (604)533-2583 now to book your same-day appointment!

Your home’s Hot Water tank is one of the true work horse appliances in your home. Whether it’s Gas or Electric tank, our experienced journeymen technicians at Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating have the skills to replace, re-size or repair your hot water tank.

Why Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating for your home’s hot water?

Since 2000, Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating has been perfecting the installation and choice of brands for your home. No one wants to turn on the tap and feel the shock of an unexpected cold shower. As such we have focused our choices for tank install on the following quality brands Bradford White, Rheem and John Woods as they have the best warranties, available parts, and quick supply.

When we install a new tank, we offer fixed rate prices so that there are no surprises or hidden costs. We install expansion tanks to prolong the life of your homes plumbing system by regulating the pressure heading out into the house to your fixtures.  We also provide earthquake strapping so that in the event of a disaster your tank remains safe and in place. These items are often a hidden cost with other installers, or not even offered at all.

When shopping for a new hot water tank, ask what is included with your homes tank installation. Making sure you choose a reputable company with years of installation experience will make this purchase one of the best decisions for your home.

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