Poly B Re-pipe and Retrofits

Do you have Poly-B domestic water piping in your home? If you have grey plastic piping supplying your sinks, toilets and hot water tank then you most likely do.  You may have also noticed a change in the quality of your water? Had several leaks already?

Last year Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating Re-piped over 150 homes that had issues due to aging Poly B piping in their homes. We understand these projects and how to minimize the impact to your home while the re-pipe takes place to upgrade your water lines.

No Repipe job is too large for a Blue Moon Plumbing technician and our experienced, licensed plumbers have many years of experience and can tackle any job, large or small.

What are Signs that Repiping is the Best Option?

  • Noticing a change in the colour or taste of your water.
  • Your pipes are frequently leaking or bursting.
  • You suddenly have a high water bill.
  • Sudden loss of water pressure.

If you notice any of these issues, call Blue Moon Plumbing right away to have your plumbing lines assessed.

With service through out  Metro Vancouver our technicians will inspect your pipes and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Call (604)533-2583 or (604)436-2583 for your free quotation! or read more about Poly-B repipes here.