How to Keep Your Cool during the Final days of Summer

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How to Keep Your Cool during the Dog Days of Summer

We’re a funny bunch on the South Coast. When you live in the Rainforest, summer can’t get here soon enough. No more complaining about endless days, weeks, months of rain. The temperature rises, moods are elevated, and we are all happier all round. Until about mid-July that is. People tend to forget that a couple of short months earlier, we were all begging for clear skies and heat. Then the complaining starts. It’s too hot! Can it rain for a few days please? I can’t sleep at night. On and on. Here a few tips for keeping your cool during those dog days of summer. Oh! And a few for your dogs as well.

  • Take cool showers in the morning and start your day with a lower body temperature.
  • Shower at night and keep the water temperature cool. Our bodies fall asleep easier and we have a more restful sleep when our body temperature is lower. Don’t completely dry off either. Jumping between the sheets while we are still a little damp helps to keep our bodies cooler, long
  • No air conditioner? No problem. Freeze some water bottles and put them in front of your fan.
  • Keep your blinds and curtains closed to keep out the hot sun.
  • Water, water, water. We need more water to stay hydrated in the heat. Spread your consumption out all day. Drinking large amounts of water at one time can lead to water-toxicity. Yes. That’s a thing.
  • Turn off lights and computers when not in use run your dishwasher and dryer at night.
  • Eat more water based food. Refreshing salads and cold fruit are a great way to cool your body from the inside out.
  • If it’s too hot for you to walk in bare feet on the pavement, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws too. Walk your dog on a gravel field or on the grass instead.
  • Wear light coloured loose clothing made from breathable materials like cotton.
  • Did we mention water?!
October is coming people. We’ll be dreaming of summer in no time at all. Use these tips to stay comfortable and enjoy the great weather while it’s here.
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