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Our customers say it best!! At Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating, we care about our customers and it shows in the feedback below.

January 27, 2015 : Testimonials

 I had a pipe leak in the bathroom and small plumbing problems recently. They showed up on time and I was very pleased with their services. I would highly recommend their plumbing services.

December 10, 2013 : Testimonials

“Thank you again for everything!  I am so glad to have found you guys, your service is truly first class!”

Shelley S of Langley

October 30, 2013 : Testimonials

“I am just writing to you to say ‘thanks’ for sending your plumber over last night to make repairs to the leak in our crawl space.  He has been here previously to remove a garbage disposal and restore the drainage in our kitchen sink.

No one likes to part with their cash at 10:20 at night, but when it is done with the professionalism and courtesy that your plumber has when he comes to make the repairs, the information that he is willing to share with us and ‘simple’ things like checking our system pressure just to assure us that our ‘pressure thingy’ (our term not yours!) is functioning correctly is appreciated.

 I know that you have staff ‘on call’ for these types of instances but we wanted to extend our appreciation and, as we said to him last night when he left, we hope the next time we see you it is during regular daylight hours.

 The last thing that we wanted to let you know is that we will make sure that Blue Moon is the Plumbing and Heating company that we call first and recommend to others in Langley.”

Chris & Christine S


October 29, 2013 : Testimonials

“thank you for your prompt and friendly service today. You are a pleasure to work with. Today you replaced a small shower valve rather than a whole unit, saving us big dollars as pensioners. We look forward to working with you as we upgrade our bathrooms over the next few months. A big thank you to Blue Moon Plumbing and Heating for having a top notch service team. With Kind Regards,”

BB and Harvey in South Surrey.

September 3, 2013 : Testimonials

“The plumber’s work was great, and thank you for having someone come out the same day I called, I appreciate that!”

Nermina of Langley

April 29, 2013 : Testimonials

All is great with the service, and the plumber was wonderful.
Barb of Langley Orthodontics

April 29, 2013 : Testimonials

Your plumber was very personable, a great guy, the service was wonderful, and we will recommend you to anyone who needs a plumber!
Christine S – Langley

April 19, 2013 : Testimonials

I called to let you know how impressed I am with your plumber, he was just so nice, accomodating & knowledgable.

Rebecca B – Langley

April 19, 2013 : Testimonials

I had to call to let you know how pleased we were with the plumber you sent to do the work. He was just so nice, had such a great personality….

Dianne W – White Rock

March 19, 2013 : Testimonials

” I am so glad you called, usually we are so quick to fire off an e-mail if we’re dissatisfied, but I am happy to say the service I received from your company was awesome, the  plumber was so nice, clean, helpful, and efficient, and I have told everyone about your company!  If I ever have a plumbing problem in the future I will be calling you!”

Michelle G – Langley 

March 19, 2013 : Testimonials

Everything was excellent with the service!

Margaret H – Langley

March 12, 2013 : Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know we had your plumber come and fix a burst pipe at our house last Thursday and he did a great job and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He also went above and beyond with answering our inquiries. (we waited a week to write to make sure the job held up ;))


Thanks so much, all!

February 19, 2013 : Testimonials

The plumber was very nice, all is now working well.


Slava H – Surrey

February 19, 2013 : Testimonials

Very pleased with the service!


Leanne B – Langley

February 19, 2013 : Testimonials

The plumber you sent was great, very happy with the service, and really appreciate the follow up call!

Vivian W – Surrey

February 18, 2013 : Testimonials

Service was great, the plumber you sent was awesome! 

Dennis C. of Surrey

January 4, 2013 : Testimonials

I would just like to thank your company and your plumber for your exceptional response to my plea for help at 4:30pm today (Dec. 28/12).

After having been left in the lurch by another well-known plumbing company, you were able to fix my problem within a very short period of time.

The best part was your communication with me.  You answered my call, told me you would check if it was feasible and that you would call me back.  You did within half an hour, gave me an approximate time frame, and the plumber you sent also called me that he was on his way.

You gave me an approximate price so I knew what to expect.  Your plumber solved my problem in short time and gave me great service.

You can expect the best recommendations possible from me and I hope to share it with the City of Surrey general website and with BBB.

Sanne D. (Surrey)

November 23, 2012 : Testimonials

We are so impressed with your company, and that you were able to send the technician out so quickly. He was just great, and went above and beyond to help them us with our well tank. We are so very grateful for the fast, great service!

Greg T., Cloverdale

November 20, 2012 : Testimonials

I was going to shop around for prices, but after speaking to your receptionist, who was so pleasant, I decided to have your company do the job!

Diane B.,   Surrey

November 20, 2012 : Testimonials

I just wanted to respond quickly to say how happy I was with your company. From the initial experience with the receptionist to the wonderful service on site. I was blown away with how professional, educational and helpful your company has been. I will spread the good word to everyone I know. Thanks.

 David H., Surrey

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